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                                                              IN PERSON                             TRAINING        

Indivdual training that is designed for your needs and goals. Learn the proper way to eat and train for your body type. Whether you're looking to drop body fat or add muscle or a little of both, I can help you develop a structured plan to help you maximize your results. I offer a variety of training packages listed below.


·   Customized meal plan

·   Customized workout plan

·   Unlimited app support

·   Weekly accountability check in program

Sessions packages range from $35-$50 per session, listed below are the training packages

personal training packages:​

6 months ($35 per session)

3 months ($45 per session)

month to month ($50 per session)

you can choose how many sessions you would like to train a week. common packages that clients choose is normally 2x a week, but can be 1x a week or 3x a week.

P.I.F. (paid in full packages)

12 sessions @45 per session = $540

16 sessions @42 per session = $672

20 sessions @38 per session = $760

36 sessions @33 per session = $1200

*All packages include :

Meal plan or macros

Workout Plan

Access to my app

Weekly check ins

Supplement guide

 Contact me to get signed up at 

(706) 540 4966 or email at:

            FULLY CUSTOMIZED                      PLAN


Want a fully customized online training plan, tailored to you and your fitness needs with the same in person accountability. Here you can get customized meal plan and workout plan, without having to take time and schedule with me. This workout plan can be done at the gym or at home. Competition Preps also included under this plan.


·         Customized workout plan changed every 4 weeks.

·         Customized meal plan

·         Unlimited E-mail support

·         Weekly accountability check ins

·         Programmed cardio

·         Exercise how to do video upon request.


                     $100 a month

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