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      360 Inferno is a High Intensity Interval training class that will give you an intense workout every time and increase your endurance, while torching calories. Trey uses a system of dynamic explosive exercises for any fitness level that will challenge your body, while giving it a metabolic boost.


             Turbocharge Your Cardiovascular Fitness in just 45 minutes!!


             Burn up to 900 Calories Per Class and Keep Burning for up 24 Hours 


             You Will Get  2  Classes a Week For Only $150/Month



 *** My Zone Heart Rate Monitors are available at a discounted price. My Zone uses your personal demographics, so you can be certain the training plan is  suitable for you. It is a very accurate way to track your physical activity and engage with the community around you. Come check us out and watch your stamina and self confidence soar!


                                                 **SIGN UP TODAY**                                  

                             Classes will be held Monday's Wednesday's @ 8:30AM

                                       Starting January 8th, 2024  




















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