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Tremayne Johnson

  Welcome to the 360 Image Fitness Family! 


  My lifelong passion has been training, I have been an athlete my whole life and have always felt at home when I am in the gym. I have been in the personal training field for 10 years. I've done everything from bodybuilding competition coaching to boxing, to just helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle, but one of my favorite things to do and I would say one of my best skills is to TRANSFORM.


  Now let me break down what I mean when I say transform.  My goal is for my clients to have a complete 180 change. There is no better satisfaction than helping a client reach their ideal body.


  However, it is much bigger than just the physical aspect, your mindset will change as well. How you feel, the confidence you project in their everyday life, and applying the fitness mindset to every goal you have

Ready to start your fitness journey? I offer a variety of options to get you started. I offer everything from Private Personal Training , Semi Personal Training , Group Classes, Online Training & More (Need help deciding, which plan is for you? There is a breakdown on the My Services page or 
Feel free to contact me at (706) 540-4966
or email to get
signed up.



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